The LIFE 4DOÑANA project participates in the Ethical Trade Forum seminars

On April 21, Sébastien Guéry, coordinator of the LIFE 4DOÑANA Project and head of the sustainability area at Cabinet of European Initiatives, SL (GIESA) participated in […]

Start of irrigation operation on demand in the pilot plots

The LIFE 4DOÑANA project began, in January, the phase of autonomous irrigation (or irrigation on demand) in the six pilot farms. The monitoring systems were installed […]

Launch of the virtual classroom for farmers and technicians

For the ‘LIFE4DOÑANA’ project, training producers is key to promoting a more sustainable cultivation. For this reason, the consortium has launched a virtual classroom for training […]

Installation of the on-demand irrigation prototypes in the pilot farms

The 'LIFE 4DOÑANA' project has completed the implementation of the new Irrigation Decision Support System (DSS) prototypes in six pilot farms located in the Doñana area, […]

Adjusting prototypes of the on-demand irrigation system

During the last months, the LIFE 4Doñana project team has been testing and fine-tuning the first two prototypes of the new on-demand irrigation system. These prototypes […]

Sensors importance in on-demand irrigation systems

Irrigation management is an important factor if we want to be water efficient in our crops, reduce contamination, the incidence of pests and diseases in plants […]

What are the key aspects of the project on-demand irrigation system?

The LIFE 4Doñana on-demand irrigation system is an adaptation of an on-demand irrigation system already developed for soilless farms by Knitink, a project associated beneficiary. Nowadays, […]

What is an on-demand irrigation system?

To achieve its objectives, the LIFE 4DOÑANA project relies on the demonstration of an innovative on-demand irrigation system for soil-based cultivation conditions. However, what is an […]

LIFE 4Doñana – Kicking off

The LIFE 4Doñana project kicked-off in September 2020. Since then, the project team has been working in different preparatory actions to make it possible to begin […]

Sébastien Guéry, LIFE 4Doñana technical coordinator: ‘LIFE 4Doñana, an ambitious project’

‘LIFE 4Doñana’ is an ambitious project recently approved by the LIFE Programme of the European Union with the objective of reducing by 20% the use of […]