Gabinete de Iniciativas Europeas (GIESA)

Consultancy company with over 30 years of experience in the agricultural and food sectors. GIESA will coordinate the development of the monitoring system for the on-demand DSS, provide agronomic advice to demo farmers and coordinate in-field and virtual advisory systems. As Coordinating Beneficiary, it will be responsible for Project Management & Monitoring and will lead the monitoring of the Environmental Impact of the project.

Knitink Technologies 

Technology company that has developed and commercialised an on-demand DSS for soilless cultivation, which building on data collection and analysis allows for a 100% automatic start of irrigation and fertirrigation. It will lead the adaptation of the system for soil-based cultivation to be demonstrated and will supervise and adjust its implementation in the demo fields.


Company with 25 years of experience in turn-key technological solutions for water management in agriculture, and with a sound knowledge of the project intervention area. Famidan will participate in the selection, analysis and adaptation of the demonstration farms, in the installation of the project on-demand DSS and in their maintenance and operation.



Company specialised in the development of decision support solutions for irrigation management, it using its own methodology for Smart Irrigation Management – Hidrovolution™. It will participate in the adaptation of the on-demand DSS through the adaptation and integration of its software Irristrat within the project on-demand DSS, It will also contribute to the implementation of the system in demo fields and to the provision of in-field advisory services to farmers.

Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura (Cicytex)

Public research organisation of the Junta de Extremadura (Spain), with long-proven experience in research for efficient water and nutrient use in agriculture. Cicytex leads the tasks relating with enhancing the efficiency in nutrient management, supporting the adaptation and demonstration of the on-demand DSS and the provision of advisory services to farmers.

Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Andalucía

Federation of Food Cooperatives of Andalusia, it counting among its members with nearly 700 companies and over 290,000 farmers. Its strategic lines include fostering the competiveness of its cooperatives through training, innovation and digitalisation, among others. It leads the project communication, dissemination & transfer activities and the monitoring of its socio-economic impact.